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The History of TaeKwon Do


TaeKwon Do is a Korean form of Martial arts that has grown over several centuries. The words Tae Kwon Do mean:

Tae: kick with the legs

Kwon : hit with the hands

Do: Is the way, the art & the mind needed to execute the above.

In order to describe the origins of Tae Kwon Do we must take a look at Korean history.

In ancient times the area we now know as Korea was divided between three kingdoms. The Silla Kingdom (57 bc – 936 ad) in the south east, the Koguryo kingdom (37 bc – 668 ad) in the north and the Baek Je kingdom (18 bc – 660 ad) in the southwest. The Koguryo was the largest of the three kingdoms.

The Korean ancestors of these kingdom were constantly in need of defense systems against their rivals and as such various forms of martial arts were born with names such a TAEKYON, HWARANG-DO, SOOBAK DO and others.

In 668 ad the Silla kingdom prevailed against the other two and therefore the three kingdoms became one. The Silla period latest until 936 ad and is remembered as one of the golden eras of Korean history. During the Silla era exceptional warriors known as Hwarang emerged. They were young men with exceptional capabilities and students of martial arts, archery, weapons, art, painting and science.

After the 2nd World war and the end of the Japanese occupation there was interest for the Taekyon to be available for everyone to follow and this quickly spread. At this time there was a movement under the guidance of General Choi Hong Hi with the goal of making a worldwide organization. Under the new classification, General Choi with the help of a committee member who was important personality in Korea, changed its name in TaeKwon Do meaning "Way of the foot and the hand." In 1965 holders of Dans began a campaign to spread TaeKwon Do across the globe. One of these members was the Grandmaster Kwon, Jae-Hwa. Since then TaeKwon Do has been taught throughout Europe.




Stelios Livanios has been a recognised 1999 as a TKD Instructor and Holder of 6 DAN-TKD

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